2015 Leukemia Cup Regatta Results

lcup 2015 Leukemia Cup Regatta Results

By Charles Milby

This year’s Leukemia Cup regatta was a smashing success. Five races in two days, sailed in a variety of conditions, left no doubt who the winning teams were. Congratulations go out to all of the competitors; you are the ones who made this a great regatta.

Gulf Coast Mariner Magazine would like to thank the Houston Yacht Club for all of their hard work. Commodore Robert Williams and the staff of the club did a great job along with the volunteers on the race committee. It’s not easy getting races started when the breeze is shifting around.

My special thanks go out to the skipper and crew of Pole Dancer, a J-109. Not only did they win their class, they made a new friend.  When I lost my hat overboard they were kind enough to give me a spare. Now I keep a throw down hat on board at all times. Thanks again Pole Dancer.

LEUKEMIA CUP REGATTA RESULTS: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Yacht Club and Points Scored

Catalina 22

Ben Miller, GBCA, 8

Michael Hallett, CYC, 11         

Gary Petersen, HYC, 14


Dean Snider, HYC, 9

Dick Baxter, HYC, 11T

Lythia Powell, HYC, 11T    


Uzi Ozeri, LYC, 7

John Barnett, LYC, 9

Brad Robbins, LYC, 14


Barry Hoeffner, LYC, 8

David Christensen, LYC, 10

Andy Wescoat, GBCA, 13


Crash Womack, TCYC, 8

Doug Cummings, MISA, 13

Dov Kivlovitz, 16


Taylor Lutz, LYC, 9

Chris Lewis, LYC, 11

Robert McMahan, LYC, 19

Pursuit Spinnaker

Greg Way, LYC, 2

J Cran Fraiser, LYC, 5

Nunes/Plant, 6


Steve Harris, HYC, 7           

Chris Shipma, HYC, 11

Gary Schwartz, LYC, 12


Paul Parsons, GBCA, 8

Terri Gale, 10

Forbes Durdin, LYC, 12


Clark Thompson, HYC, 8

Gary Ross, TCYC, 9

Charles Milby, TCYC, 12


Patrick Gibson, HYC, 7

Simon Thomas, HYC, 13

Robert Williams, HYC, 14

Pursuit Asymmetrical Spinnaker

J D Hill, LYC, 4T

Brian Tulloch, HYC, 4T

J B Bednar, LYC, 4T

Pursuit Non Spinnaker

Jack Yoes, HYC, 3

Paul Tullos, GBCA, 4

Jim Orchid, HYC, 7

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