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catalina Catalina Yachts 445

This Isn’t Your Parent’s Catalina

cat445image Catalina Yachts 445With over 96 hulls built in less than four years, the Catalina Yachts 445 has proven to be one of the best blue water cruisers to come out in the last decade. Many of the reasons why were born out of the last financial crisis.

In 2008 after the largest economic crisis in most people’s lifetimes, the norm for most builders was to stop building or go out of business. At the time Catalina Yachts, which has been in business now under the same ownership for over 45 years, was building over ten models of boats from 28 to 47 foot. Always known as a robust and rugged boat capable of offshore passaging but built at a modest cost, Catalina had a choice to go the way of most builders and stop production and wait this crisis out or they could scale back and shrink down the models to a more useful size range – all the while improving the product for the end consumer.

Catalina chose the latter solution and the Five Series was born. The current Catalina models, 315, 355, 385, 445 have all the attributes of the Five Series.

One of the biggest features of the Catalina 445 is the Flex Cabin. Think of it as a walk-in cockpit locker or the third guest stateroom for the grand kids. The door to the flex cabin is to port in the galley area. This area features upper and lower berths that can be folded up. There is also a filter cabinet that allows you to check the main engine’s fuel and water filters. Also, there is a cabinet that can be left as storage or customized. A washer dryer, icemaker or third refrigeration system can be added. The possibilities are endless. Plus when you need a place to put gear, like cockpit cushions, you can also access the flex cabin from the starboard cockpit locker. Unlike a lot of boats being built today, the Catalina 445 is loaded with storage. There are large oversized hanging lockers in each cabin as well as drawers.

There are 12 large drawers in the 445, plus over 30 places for storage including custom storage for pots, pans and dishes. In addition to the flex cabin, which has an unlimited amount of uses, there are two large stern lazarettes.

On deck the 445 is all business. From the traveler to the winches to the standing rigging, the hardware is massive. The primary winches on most boats are the size of the halyard winches on the 445. Even the bow rollers are set up for two real anchors and the chain locker is divided. Even though there is a collision safe forward “strike zone,” there is room to carry 300’ of chain and not offset the balance of the boat.

Listed below are the main design features that distinguish the new 5 Series models:

  • Collision-safe forward Strike Zone bulkheads and impact absorbing chamber.
  • Deep Defense rudder systems with stainless rudder posts.
  • T-Beam Mast Step system structure providing all the benefits of a deck-stepped mast and the strength of a keel-stepped mast.
  • Secure Socket mast support/chainplate system.
  • Knitted fabrics used for a stronger laminate and stiffer structure.
  • Dramatically styled teak interiors and laminates finished with a satin varnish for durability and beauty.
  • Five-part structural construction, insuring a stronger boat and more rigid structure.
  • Offshore internally Banged hull to deck joint capped with a slotted toe rail.
  • Navigation AC/DC panel with additional circuits  for added options, plus a built in amp draw meter  to monitor electrical usage.
  • Wide, clear weather decks designed with inboard shrouds for moving forward with ease, and a diamond non-skid pattern for safety and durability. In addition, the low profile cabin design provides for a sleek appearance, great  visibility forward.
  • Comfortable, ergonomically correct cockpits with seats long enough to stretch out on.
  • Lead keels for durability, and impact shock absorption for safety of the crew and structure.
  • Oversized travelers, winches and lines for ease of sail handling in all conditions.

More more information on the Catalina 445,  contact Little Yacht Sales at 281-334-6500.


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