Honda Marine Announces New Agreement with SanJuanYachts Company to be Exclusive OEM Outboard Supplier

honda marine sanjuanyachts Honda Marine Announces New Agreement with SanJuanYachts Company to be Exclusive OEM Outboard Supplier

Honda BF250 iST outboard motors on SanJuanYachts’ SJ32 makes for a powerful sportfishing combination.

Honda Marine, marketer of a complete range of outboard marine four-stroke engines, announced today at the 2019 International Boat Builder’s Exhibition (IBEX) trade venue an exclusive new OEM agreement with SanJuanYachts. Founded in 1998, SanJuanYachts is a luxury yacht company that embraces the simple vision of redefining the motor yacht, priding itself on singular customer focus in the crafting and high-performance engineering of 30-48-foot vessels. At IBEX, the boatbuilder has unveiled a prototype of its new sportfishing yacht, the SJ32, which expands the company’s reach beyond the premium pleasure boat category into the segment of luxury sportfishing.

According to the terms of the exclusive new agreement, Honda Marine will supply SanJuanYachts its BF250 Intelligent Shift and Throttle (iST®) electronically controlled outboard motors as original equipment to power the boatbuilder’s all-new SJ32 luxury fishing center console boats. Powered by twin Honda Marine BF250 iST outboards, the SJ32 prototype can support speeds as high as 55 mph. At this year’s IBEX show in Tampa, Florida, October 1-3, the two companies will showcase their powerful new alliance—a partnership forged in innovation, high-performance and advanced technology—at the Honda Marine indoor booth, #3-925, as well as at outdoor exhibit #9117 and dock exhibit #14-D.

For 55 years, Honda Marine has set new benchmarks for fuel efficiency, quiet operation, and low emissions with its comprehensive line of four-stroke outboard engines that share the same unparalleled durability, quality, and reliability of its legendary automobiles. The SanJuanYachts SJ32 all-new prototype was designed and built to precise, exacting standards for the ultimate in sportfishing. The renowned yacht architect Ward Setzer utilized 25 years of experience in boat design, taking on the assignment to produce a luxury fishing yacht with a beautiful, unique hull design, luxurious appointments and functional features suitable especially for anglers.

“Helping design an entirely new boat from the waterline up, it has been an exciting opportunity for Honda Marine to work with the visionaries and planners at SanJuanYachts to develop the unique, powerful new SJ32 prototype,” said Michael Rickey, Senior Manager, Honda Marine. “Among marine engine manufacturers, Honda has unparalleled experience in engine performance across the whole spectrum of automotive, racing, jet, powersports, power equipment and marine applications. Honda believes in the power of dreams, and we are proud to help SanJuanYachts realize its own dreams of designing a new luxury yacht and break into a new market.”

Targeting the heart of the boating market, the refreshed Honda iST BF250 models, recently launched and now on-sale at Honda Marine dealers nationwide, mark the newest evolution in the company’s product line, integrating innovative design, a sleek new Progressive V Form style, improved corrosion resistance, streamlined maintenance and an expanded number of rigging options for ease of use. The new motors are engineered to meet the requirements and needs of a broad number of boat types including pontoon, aluminum, fiberglass, bass boats and sportfishing yachts. Whether boaters are weekend cruisers or commercial (including government and law enforcement) users, these enhanced V6 motors deliver what every marine enthusiast wants—high performance, reliability, and maximum time on the water.

“Our partnership with Honda Marine began on day one, and we designed the SJ32 exclusively for the Honda BF250 iST engines. SanJuanYachts had been interested in entering the sportfishing market for some time but didn’t have total confidence to be successful until we collaborated with Honda Marine,” said Gilbert Villareal, CEO of SanJuanYachts. “Meeting with all of our suppliers and providing comprehensive marine engineering knowledge and experience, Honda has become an invaluable partner. Our team knew we could merge the SanJuanYachts heritage with the Honda reputation of premium engine technology and performance to produce a luxury fishing yacht that would stand alone in its class.”

The Honda BF250 iST outboard motors, available in either Aquamarine Silver or Grand Prix White, feature a long (20-inch), extra-long (25-inch, Std/Ctr) or ultra-long (30-inch, Std/Ctr) shaft. The revamped outboard also offers an industry-best True 5-year, non-declining factory warranty that is the same on the last day as it is on the first. With models ranging from 2.3 to 250 horsepower, the Honda Marine full line of current production models meets rigorous California Air Resources Board (CARB) 3-Star standards, ensuring their availability and regulatory compliance in all 50 states.

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