The Boat Yard in Kemah

April 30th, 2019

boat yard kemah The Boat Yard in Kemah

The Boat Yard is located at 1145 FM518 in Kemah, TX.

Everything you need for your boat, all in one place

By Xander Thomas

Any boat, any size, anything you need, The Boat Yard in Kemah is here to help. They are authorized to work on any brand, so no matter how many boats you need work on, from whichever brand, they got you covered.

General Manager of The Boat Yard, Chet Morampudi, says that they are one-of-a-kind, being the only dealer in Texas authorized to work on every make.  Not only can he fix up just about any water craft that one might bring in, but he offers any service the you might need for it.

“We do boat maintenance, engine service, fiberglass repairs, trailer repairs, all electronic installations,” Chet said.

He says that many places won’t work on fiberglass, but he wants his place to be a one-stop-shop for all boaters and sailors. He even offers mobile help, and for people within about a 15 mile radius who cannot bring their boat in, they will come to you to do the work.  Even if you are further out and want his assistance, they will actually bring a trailer to pick up larger crafts that the owner may not want, or be able to transport. They take it into the shop, and deliver it back to the marina once work is done.

“Even though some people are 20-30 miles away with a huge boat and no trailer, we can still provide them with trailering services.”

In general, he likes to be pretty considerate of the needs of anyone bringing him work.  He offers a service for fishing guides, that if they call ahead and tell him what they need done, he can order the parts ahead of time and get their ship in and out of the shop as quickly as possible.

“I know that it’s their living, and they have to be in and out quick, and we try to help them out. I just tell them to give me a call when they’re coming, and when they come in we quickly order everything they want,” he said, “Most people take like 1-2 weeks to get a boat done.”

He does this so that they aren’t losing out on any more income than they have to while getting the care that their boat needs.

On top of being able to work on everything and do anything you need, he also says that his prices are more than fair.

“We are still the lowest charging dealership around.  For most of them, the range is like $125 an hour, but we still do $110.” Chet said, “If they are first responders we only charge them $99.”

He likes to help those who help others, offering veterans, teachers and first responders 10% off on all labor.

“Also, they don’t get charged for finance fees,” he said, “They also get $500 off on make, prep, ready fees.”

The Boat Yard sells boats, as well.  He says that while he mostly deals new crafts, he does take trade-ins, and will do consignment.  So even if you don’t have your new vehicle for sea life yet, he can hook you up.

The Boat Yard is located in Kemah, at 1145 FM 518, right at the intersection of Lawrence Rd. and 518.