What’s In Your Bag?

By Patty Kane

LED Lantern 209x300 Whats In Your Bag?

WEATHERRITE® 610 Lumen LED Lantern is portable, reliable and uses a high-powered LED to output 610 lumens. It has 3 lighting modes and a carry handle located at the top for easy mobility or hanging. The power button is made of glow-in-the-dark material for easy locating in the dark.

Neck Light 179x300 Whats In Your Bag?

This Quarrow brand hands-free neck light features four bright LED lights with flex-arms that bend and maintain any shape. The viewing distance is ten meters with a run time of 20 hours. Water resistant and powered by 3 AAA batteries, the hands free neck light is light weight and a must to have for night fishing or making boat repairs.

LED Candles

It’s time to think about autumn onboard entertaining and relaxing. Set the atmosphere with the latest in candles. Once you use these LED pillar and tea light candles you will never go back to the old wax ones. Sea breezes will not blow these out and there is no waxy clean up!  They are smoke free, flame free and flicker just like a real candle.

Wireless Thermometer

This handy thermometer mounts on wall or navigation desk. Features include wireless outdoor temperature (°F or °C) and monitors indoor temperature (°F or °C). It has wall hanging or free standing capability and receives up to 3 sensors including time display, 12/24 hour time display and has a low battery indicator icon for both units.

Marine Battery

X2Power batteries’ pure lead dual-purpose design has the high-cranking power needed to start boat motors and on-board accessories such as depth finders, fish finders, radios, radar, lights and coolers. Just one X2Power battery does the job of two separate starting and deep-cycle batteries.




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