Offshore Jigging in the Gulf

Fill your tackle box with these proven jigs and colors before heading out to do some offshore jigging this year.

williamson benthos Offshore Jigging in the Gulf

WILLIAMSON Benthos Speed Jig

The  9 oz. Benthos in Blue/Purple is great for a variety of Gulf species but absolutely deadly for amberjack. Drop this one to the bottom near rigs and wrecks and work quickly back to the surface until you get bit.

ahi 8oz glow Offshore Jigging in the Gulf

AHI USA Assault Diamond Jig

blackfinA secret weapon for blackfin tuna! Use the 8 oz. Assault Diamond Jig in Glow near semi-submersible rigs and drill ships at night and at shrimp boats during the day. If tuna are there, they will bite. Most strikes occur on the fall. Slow bounce the jig at different depths on the way back up. Replace the treble with an assist hook and land more fish.


SHIMANO Butterfly Flat Fall Jig

Another great multi-species jig, the Butterfly Flat Fall Jig was introduced in heavier weights in 2015. The 160g jig in Pink/Blue is killer for red snapper on rigs, reefs and structure. Just let it fall to the bottom, reel up 25 – 50 feet and let it free fall again. Repeat until you have your limit of snapper. This one can also be worked in a traditional vertical jigging motion and still produce. See video below to see this jig in action.

OTI jager

rowan-gaggrouperOCEAN TACKLE INTERNATIONAL Jager Jig

The gliding, fluttering action from this OTI jig elicits strikes from big grouper and is a good choice for other Gulf species like tuna and snapper. Its erratic motion, due to a rear weighted design, draws aggressive reaction strikes from otherwise passive fish. The Jager is ready to fish out of the package with an OWNER split ring, 2 RAPTOR Assist Hooks, and solid ring. Use the pink 200g and 300g jigs in deep water and the 100g jig closer to shore.

<< Gulf Coast Mariner’s Brandon Rowan with a large gag grouper caught on a 300g Pink OTI Jager.


dorado-gcmSPRO Prime Bucktail Jig

Pick through the chickens and target the larger dorado in the school near offshore weedlines with this  1 oz. bucktail jig in Crazy Chartreuse. Add a Gulp! grub tail or strips of squid for extra action. Don’t be surprised if the ling bite this one too. The strong Gamakatsu hook stands up to big fish without bending.

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