Surfing Galveston

john Surfing Galveston

John Callahan cruising down the line in Galveston, TX. Photo by Kelly Groce

By Kelly Groce

Whenever you hear the word surfing, most people think of Hawaii, California, or Mexico… not Texas. Luckily Texas has 300+ miles of coast along the Gulf of Mexico for the opportunity of good waves. Galveston might not always have the best surf, but at least there’s something to give us surfers our fix.

Texans will surf any kind of conditions that are coming their way whether that’s a hurricane, chasing tanker waves, ice cold waters, rain, or howling winds, but that’s what makes us unique. We usually deal with horrible conditions, but aren’t completely aware of it because it’s all we know. That’s where the saying “if you can surf in Texas, you can surf anywhere” comes from. Once Texan surfers go to a place like California or Mexico with solid waves, we are in hog heaven because the waves are clean and come in sets.

If you are planning to learn how to surf, you should. After your first experience, you will get bitten by the surf bug and want to go every chance you can. Spring is a great time to learn since the water temperature starts to get warmer after the cold winter. This article will direct you on where to surf, what you will need, etc. Have fun!

surfcamp Surfing GalvestonCan I take a surf lesson or join a surf camp?

Yes, Ohana Surf & Skate in Galveston offers both surf lessons and surf camps. Visit their website or call to find out the schedule and pricing. If you have a friend that has a board and surfs, that is also a great way to learn while having fun.


Photo by Kimmy Callahan

Photo by Kimmy Callahan

Where do I surf in Galveston?

Surf any of the jetties between Pleasure Pier and 61st Street When you are first getting started, avoid the jetties with a big crowd, but don’t surf by yourself either.

southernspearsWhere can I rent a surfboard?

Southern Spears Surf Shop has surfboards you can rent for the whole day for only $25. They have a variety of sizes so you can choose which one you feel the most comfortable on.

What size board do I use?

The bigger, the better. A longboard is definitely the way to go when you are trying to learn how to surf. Look to rent a board that is 8 feet long or more. Longboards are the best bet for small Texas surf. Once you pick it up, you can try using a shortboard on the bigger days.

What other equipment/gear do I need?

You will need a leash, wax, and a spring suit (the water might be chilly). You can get these things from any surf shop like Ohana Surf & Skate or Southern Spears.

For more information on surfing, please visit:

Ohana Surf & Skate – 2814 Avenue R 1/2, Galveston, TX 77550 • (409) 763-2700

Southern Spears Surf Shop – 6026 Seawall Boulevard, Galveston, TX 77551 • (409) 744-2772

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