Striker Yachts – Building the Finest Yachts in the World

SPORTS PAGE 4 300x234 Striker Yachts   Building the Finest Yachts in the WorldWhen you say Striker Mega or Luxury Yachts to well seasoned mariners, they will tell you unequivocally they are the best designed and durable yachts ever built.

Striker Yachts are well known worldwide for their attention to detail, craftsmanship and design. The finished yacht product is astounding and almost intimidating.

The Striker Sport Fishing Yachts are also designed and built by  some of the world’s top naval engineers and craftsman. They are rugged and can withstand strong seas. They are made for luxury and performance, two very difficult engineering feats. They accomplish these two feats with flying colors.

Striker Yacht Corporation was founded in 1951. Originally its vessels were steel until 1956, when Striker was the first builder to use aluminum plating.  Since then, Striker has produced more aluminum hulled vessels than any other builder worldwide.

Commercial Pilot Boat Rough Water photo 1 300x186 Striker Yachts   Building the Finest Yachts in the WorldCombined with the highest quality craftsmanship and Alcoa’s new much stronger NAUTIC-AL aluminum plated hulls, Striker Yachts do not require zincs and are impervious to galvanic corrosion. The Striker line extends from the finest sport fishing yachts, from 50 feet to over 150 feet, to the world’s largest super yachts up to 1,000 feet (300m).

Striker yachts have roamed the oceans of the world in search of giant tuna, blue and black marlin, and they are built to take their owners into sea conditions that others would not dare to ply. A true ship in her own right but clothed as a luxurious yacht, there is nothing like a Striker. Striker welcomes you to visit their shipyards in beautiful Istanbul that will surely impress the most discerning client.

photo 3With record breaking super yachts becoming even more popular and with the top two being built in the last 24 months, Striker is capable now and well into the future to build the world’s largest super yachts. Building yachts up to 300 meters, which is far beyond any other yacht builder in the world. All yacht builds will be completed at our shipyards, built to the highest levels of ship building for safety and sea worthiness, and incorporated into a fine yacht with the style and comfort brought to us by our award winning naval architects, Donald Starkey, Gregory C. Marshall, and Luiz DeBasto, for truly unique world class yachts.


  • Mega/Super Yachts
  • Luxury Yachts
  • Sport Fishing Yachts


  • Vessels
  • Ships
  • Supply Vessels
  • Oil Recovery
  • Tankers
  • Trawlers
  • Power Plants
  • Tugs
  • Fire Rescue Boats
  • Patrol Boats
  • Surface Naval Vessels

Repairs and Refit

Striker, through an association with Sedef Shipyard and Tor Group, now operates one of the biggest yacht and shipbuilding facilities in Turkey based on a site with a total area of 291,936 square meters, making it capable of building multiple projects at the same time. Here Striker can construct all types of vessels, industrial projects and conduct repair and conversion works in the heart of Turkey’s shipbuilding district. They lead the shipbuilding industry in the region by using the best know-how and state of the art technology.

StrikerStriker Yacht Corporation
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Contact – Phillip X. Orosco

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